July 2020

Webinar Details: Session No: 3 (Talk-3) [table id=81 /] Webinar Minutes: 5.02 p.m.: Opening remarks by Prof. Kavita Pradhan 5.03 p.m.: Introduction of presenters by Moderator Prof. Reshma Sathe 5.07 p.m.: Presentation by Chaitali Chaudhari Thesis Topic: Centre for Sustainable Agriculture, Nagpur 5.30 p.m.: Presentation by Gagandeep Jadhav Thesis Topic: Smart Architecture for

[table id=92 /] As a part of AD Studio 5 for Third academic year – Sem 5, we invited Architect Sourabh Gupta – Founder & Principal Architect at ARCHOHM, Noida – UP as our third guest under ArchiLogics Lecture series – an initiative by PiCA 2020-21. About

Webinar Details: Session No: 2 (Talk-2) [table id=73 /] Webinar Minutes: 5.00 p.m.: Opening remarks by Prof. Kavita Pradhan 5.05 p.m.: Presentation by Aathira Pillai Thesis Topic: Kayapalat: a call for regenerative architecture in Mahim Koliwada 5.30 p.m.: Presentation by Srinivas Palivela Thesis Topic: The centre for spiritual consciousness 6.00 p.m.: Question and

[table id=77 /] Anita Vaccharajani - a writer and author of a book “Amrita Sher-Gil: Rebel with a Paintbrush” was invited as our guest speaker under ArchiLogics Lecture series – an initiative by PiCA 2020-21. The book is a pictorial biography of one of the most acclaimed Indian

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][table id=75 /] "Preparing for placement" A discourse on applying to architecture firms, writing cover letters, preparing resume and making portfolio to get the desired job. This year saw unprecedented challenge due the pandemic and architecture fraternity has got affected tremendously. In this situation, getting internship for 4th

[table id=74 /] The Archilogics webinar series initiative by PiCA Panvel conducted its next session on 17th July, 2020 in the form of webinar by renowned Architect Samira Rathod featuring her Community centred design approach and site oriented design features. The three projects which the architect

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text][table id=71 /] PiCA Thesis Forum is a webinar series where X-PiCAns present the process and outcome of their final year Design Dissertations. It offers a platform for Design Dissertation discussions and exchange of ideas between our students, faculty and the alumni. It provides exposure to

[table id=76 /] “Re-inventing Workspaces” : Semester 9 Architecture Design project Ashish has worked on many office buildings when he was working with edifice. As a professor at PiCA. He has guided a studio project that focused on Office in 2018. To help 5th year students

[table id=68 /] The three hours long session began with the introduction to speakers by Prof. Tejashree Lakras. The first presentation was given by Architect Vyoma Popat on her thesis titled as “Form Based Codes”. The presentation highlighted how thorough research on site and with the

[table id=70 /] As a part of Architectural design studio for Third academic year – Sem 5, we invited Dr. Kurush Dalal as our first guest under Archilogics Lecture series by PiCA 2020-21. The lecture was planned especially to get expert’s comments to help current design project