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Additional Supporting Facility

Parking for Staff and Students

Providing ample and well-managed parking facilities on campus is crucial for the convenience, safety, and overall satisfaction of students and staff, contributing to a positive and functional campus environment.

Security Room along with Bank ATM at the Main Entrance Gate

An on-campus ATM is a valuable amenity that enhances the convenience, safety, and financial well-being of the campus community. It aligns with the practical needs of individuals and contributes to a positive and efficient campus environment.

Girls Common Room

The girls’ common room in an institute serves as a crucial space that addresses various needs and concerns specific to female students. Its importance lies in several key aspects such as Privacy and Comfort, Study and Collaboration, Cultural and Recreational Activities, Safety and Security, Networking and Support, Empowerment and Inclusivity, Wellness and Relaxation.

A girls’ common room is a valuable asset for an institute, contributing to the overall development, comfort, and empowerment of female students within the academic community.