The canteen at MES Pillai’s New Panvel campus, known as EPIC café, occupies a spacious area of 428 sq. mt. and is a shared facility. It serves as an integral part of student life, where students can engage in conversations and discussions on various topics, relieving stress and rejuvenating themselves.

Recognizing the needs of students who commute from distant places, the canteen serves nutritious food to take care of their health and hunger. Many students also rely on the canteen for their breakfast and evening tea with snacks. The strategic location of the canteen ensures easy accessibility for all students, and its thoughtful design caters to their requirements.

The canteen’s seating area is vibrant, airy, and filled with natural light, providing ample space for students to relax, chat, and enjoy their meals. In line with promoting sustainability, the canteen has taken steps to reduce the campus’s carbon footprint. This includes the installation of a plastic bottle recycling machine, which not only contributes to environmental conservation but also spreads awareness among students about the importance of sustainability.

EPIC café is not only a place to satisfy hunger but also serves as a social hub where students connect, interact, and create lasting memories during their time at MES Pillai’s New Panvel campus.