Pillai College of Architecture is dedicated to supporting Divyang students by providing the following resources:


The campus ensures the provision of washrooms in each wing, specifically designed to cater to the needs of specially-abled students.


To enhance the convenience of students, the ground floor is equipped with ramps and rails near both gates, facilitating easy access for specially-abled individuals.

Wheel Chairs

For the convenience of students, wheelchairs are readily available in the security cabin at the main gate and also in the office. These wheelchairs can be used by Divyangjan students or in case of emergencies, ensure swift assistance and accessibility on the campus.

Drinking Water

Water purifiers are conveniently placed and easily accessible in all the wings on every floor of the campus, ensuring clean and safe drinking water for all students.


All wings of the campus are equipped with elevators, and there is an attendant available to assist students in using them. This ensures that students with mobility challenges can access different floors of the campus with ease and support.