Green Infrastructure

Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine

On World Environment Day (5th June 2019), Pillai College of Architecture, in collaboration with Reliance India Ltd., took a significant step towards environmental conservation. They installed a Biocrux Plastic Bottle Recycling Machine (PBRM) at Dr. K. M. Vasudevan Pillai Campus in New Panvel. Biocrux India is a leading provider of sustainable solutions for PET waste.

The installation of the PBRM marks a small yet important initiative towards preserving the environment at the campus. It is expected to be a substantial stride in creating a cleaner and greener, Smart New Panvel in the future. This joint effort is a testament to the college’s commitment to promoting sustainable practices and fostering a responsible approach towards waste management.

Rain Water Harvesting

PiCA holds a firm belief in water conservation and the preservation of natural resources. To achieve this goal, campus have implemented a rooftop rainwater harvesting system. Rainwater is collected from the rooftops and is either stored in barrels or directed to underground water pools. The harvested rainwater is then utilized to water plants and trees on the campus. By adopting such sustainable practices, PiCA demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility and the efficient use of water resources.

Solar Power Generation

MES Pillai’s Naw Panvel campus harnesses the power of solar energy through a solar panel installation on its rooftop, consisting of 327 solar panels. This impressive setup has a current capacity of 75 kilowatts peak (KWP), contributing to sustainable and renewable energy generation on the campus. Embracing solar power aligns with PiCA’s commitment to environmental consciousness and reducing its carbon footprint.

E-Waste Recycling

MES Pillai’s New Panvel Campus has implemented an E-waste recycling program that actively collects old motherboards, hard drives, monitors, and networking equipment on its campus. PiCA is a active part of the initative. These electronic items are then sent to local recycling facilities for proper disposal and recycling. By conducting such a program, Pillai campus exhibits its dedication to responsible electronic waste management and environmental sustainability. This initiative plays a crucial role in minimizing the environmental impact of electronic waste and promoting a greener and cleaner campus.

E-Waste Museum

Landscaped area on the Campus Mango Plantation and ground

Landscape around the buildings

Pedestrian friendly campus

Google Earth Image of Institute in 2018

Google Earth Image of Institute in 2022