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Art Competition

Event NameArt Competition for MES School Students
SubjectActivities under St.Gobain Research Grant - 2021-22
Academic Year2021-22
Event Date22nd April, 2022
Time9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
VenuePillai College of Architecture , New Panvel
Faculty Co-ordinatorProf. Bhagyasshree Ramakrishna

“The Water we Want” (3rd Edition, 2022) UNESCO Water Museum initiative Youth Prize Contest was held on 22nd April, 2022. The competition seeked school students ages 6-18 to describe their imagination for water in the city, using art as a means to represent what and how they would like to use the water bodies and what it means to them. As part of the Lakes Panvel St. Gobain Research Project (2021-22), Prof. Bhagyasshree collaborated with the Living Water Museum to facilitate, coordinate and involve the school students of Panvel to engage, represent and highlight the water systems of the city through their drawing and writing. The competition was free of entry fee, and was organised by the Living Waters Museum in India in association with Water Museums Global Network and UNESCO Intergovernmental Hydrological Programme. Eight students participated from the Mahatma Education Society (Mahatma International School and Mahatma School of Academics and Sports), located in close proximity to the Khandeshwar Talav. This was seen as an ideal opportunity to involve the students of Mahatma Education Society, to create lake awareness and also as a way to receive feedback and thoughts from the students and their parents. Due to April being final exam month, the schools in Panvel and Navi Mumbai (of State and Central Boards) were unable to fully participate. The students visited the lakes near their house (Khandeshwar and Dewale Talav) with their parents. Prof. Bhagyasshree discussed and explained the competition brief to the students and their parents.

Accomplishments: The students were able to contribute well to the idea of the brief and also add value to the overall intent of the Panvel Lake Awareness Project. A student, Nisha Rode’s entry was shortlisted as one of the six entries representing India.

Artwork entries:

(Top-Bottom, Left- Right)
1. Aarav Gaddam
2. Yuval Tiwari
3. Shrusti Duduskar
4. Shreeya Jadav
5. Nisha Rode
6. Sayuj Kamble
7. Raheen Master
8. Liza