[table id=432 /] On the occasion of National Voter’s Day, Anubhuti, the social service wing of Pillai College of Architecture in collaboration with Electoral Literacy Club of PiCA organised an oath taking program for the 1st and 2nd year student of B.Arch. The session began at

[table id=423 /] Pillai College of Architecture in New Panvel hosted an electrifying Freshers Event on 22nd December, 2023, in auditorium marking a vibrant celebration of talent, creativity and camaraderie within the student community. [layerslider id="323"] The event commenced at 3:00 p.m., drawing the participation of esteemed faculties

[table id=419 /] Exploring Constitutional History: The event commenced with a deep dive into the history of the Constitution. Participants delved into the framing of its provisions, emphasizing the significance of democratic principles and fundamental rights. [layerslider id="321"] The Making of Indian Constitution: Insights were shared on the

[table id=412 /] The Vachan Prerna Diwas event was inaugurated by Professor Aarti Mankame, who shared valuable tips on effective book reading, especially targeting newcomers for their future development. She underscored the significant role of reading in personal growth and skill acquisition. Professor Mankame recommended exploring

[table id=407 /] Aim: To tribute the valiant individuals who made sacrifices for our nation. Objective: The event Amrit Kalash Yatra -"Meri Maati Mera Desh" was organized as a heartfelt tribute to the valiant individuals who made the ultimate sacrifice for the nation. The primary objective was

[table id=406 /] The much-anticipated "Induction Day" at Pillai College of Architecture took place on 10th October 2023, in the college's spacious auditorium. It was a day filled with informative sessions, introductions, and insights into the exciting journey that lay ahead for the incoming students and

[table id=389 /] Raksha Bandhan, the heartwarming festival that celebrates the unique bond between brothers and sisters, was observed with tremendous zeal at Pillai College of Architecture, New Panvel. This year, on the 31st of August, the celebrations took on an even more special

[table id=408 /] PiCA celebrated Women Equality Day on 29th August, 2023, with esteemed guests Major Priyanka Gupta and Mrs. Priya Tetgure, in the presence of students and members from the Women's Development Cells (WDC) of PIMSR, PCE, and PCACS departments at the Pillai Institute. The

[table id=397 /] On the Account of World Photography Day, Photography Workshop was organized for the year 2023-24, conducted online via Google Meet, aimed to introduce architecture students to the art of photography. The workshop conducted and Organized by Social Media Team, Photography Club and

[table id=390 /] Onam, the traditional harvest festival of Kerala, was celebrated with great enthusiasm at Pillai College of Architecture on 25th August, 2023, from 3:30 p.m. onwards in the ground floor studio. The event showcased a vibrant blend of cultural performances, competitions, and