[table id=399 /] Online EVENT and Competition By Social Media Team and Photography Club On 19th August, 2023, in commemoration of World Photography Day 2023, the social media team and Photography Club at PICA initiated a captivating architectural photography competition for college students. The theme, "Understanding Clouds

[table id=370 /] The event held at Vaishnavi college of architecture in Hyderabad was highly significant as it focused on reimagining Hussain Sagar Lake in the city. The competition aimed to explore innovative ideas for the lake's revitalization, making it an important gathering for architectural and

[table id=393 /] Overview A week-long workshop which commenced on 22nd July was held at IIT Kanpur by NICEE for students of architecture. The workshop's main objective was to increase students' awareness of earthquake safety issues and to provide them with a conceptual understanding of earthquake-resistant design.

This design competition was organized by D.Y. Patil College of Architecture, Nerul. The theme of the competition was "Bridge to Nature", which was focused on the transformative power of connecting with nature through innovation and sustainable designs and was floated on 26th May, 2023. The competition

[table id=400 /] The Minimal Dwelling 2023 competition, hosted by Archiol, is a prestigious architectural design competition that challenges participants to explore and create innovative solutions for minimalist housing. The competition invites architects, designers, and creative thinkers from around the world to envision and design dwellings

[table id=211 /] On the occasion of Photography Club presenting, which was conducted on 15th April, 2023, the PICA social media team and the Photography Club launched a Architectural Tour Photography Competition. Through this competition, we appreciate the amazing talent and passion people share for photography. To

[table id=189 /] Kinesthesia was finally here! PiCA organised Kinesthesia every year but due to Covid 19 it was not possible to conduct, so this year it was offline classes we decided to have hands on workshop for 5 days for all the years along with

[table id=182 /] The MES Sports Council board and its club organize many sports events throughout the year, giving the players an opportunity to compete in different sport categories. The MES inter institution sports championship attracts large number of students over the years and help the

[table id=363 /] Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai’s College of Architecture, New Panvel, Every year PiCA celebrates World Toilet day organizing Nirmal design competition, on successful completion of the Nirmal design competition, We Senate student council in collaboration with Soroptimist Welfare Association (SIBC) organized Prize distribution ceremony

[table id=184 /] The 8th Year of Kamu Iyer Design Competition, the aim of this competition is to encourage the spirit of architecture in the students and to create a healthy competition between the students from various colleges of Navi Mumbai. The underlying cause is to