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Intellectual Property Rights Cell

Intellectual Property Rights Cell


  • To advise and guide the students and faculty on importance of IPR.
  • To encourage faculty members to carryout patentable research.
  • To promote an IPR culture compatible with the educational mission of the institute.
  • To guide and advise researchers on how to obtain and sustain patents and help them approach patent information centre (PIC).


  • Orientation Program
  • Awareness Creation
  • Hands-on Training
  • Lectures on various issues of IPR
  • IP clinic in which student can be asked to express some innovative ideas
  • Quiz Programs
  • Innovation Workshop

Following members will constitute the IPR Cell at the Institute W.e.f 2nd September, 2019

Dr. Sudnya MahimkarPrincipal
Prof. Sarojini LohotIPR Coordinator
Prof. Smita DalviProfessor, PiCA
Dr. Arif MerchantProfessor, PiCA