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Faculty Duty Allocation

Faculty Duty Allocation for the Session 2019-2020
ResponsibilityName of Faculty Member/ Staff
First Year In-chargeProf. Sasmit Acharekar
Second Year In-chargeProf. Tejashree Lakras
Third Year In-chargeProf. Abhijit Sahasrabudhe
Fourth Year In-chargeProf. Kavita Sawant
Fifth Year In-chargeProf. Kavita Pradhan
Academic Co-ordinator (Design)Prof. Jinu Kurien
Academic Co-ordinator (Technology)Prof. R. Venkatesh
Academic Co-ordinator (Humanities)Prof. Smita Dalvi
Academic Co-ordinator (Environmental Sciences)Prof. Sarojini Lohot
Faculty Advisor: Students CouncilProf. Kavita Sawant
Examinations In-Charge (B.Arch)Dr. Aruna Reddi
Examinations In-Charge (M.Arch)Prof. Madhavi Patil
Faculty Co-ordinator: Design DissertationProf. Tejashree Lakras
Faculty Co-ordinator, M.Arch (Urban Design)Prof. Richa Sharma
College Projects & ExhibitionProf. Mahesh Naik
Student CompetitionsProf. Kavita Pradhan
Guest LecturesProf. Reshma Sathe
PiCA websiteProf. Kavita Sawant
Training & PlacementProf. Kavita Pradhan
Alumni AffairsProf. Jinu Kurien
Physical Infrastructure & FacilitiesProf. Danish Khatri
Environmental Science & Services LabProf. Sarojini Lohot, Prof. Shubhangi Bhide
Construction & Materials LabProf. Sasmit Acharekar, Prof. Danish Khatri
Surveying Leveling LabProf. Danish Khatri
Faculty Duty Allocation for the Session 2017-2018 (Term II)
Responsibility Name of Faculty Member / Staff
First Year In-charge Prof. Tejashree Lakras
Second Year In-charge Prof. Neha Sayed
Third Year In-charge Prof. Abhijit Sahasrabudhe
Fourth Year In-charge Prof. Preeti Pansare
Fifth Year In-charge Prof. Kavita Pradhan
Academic Co-ordinator (Design) Prof. Jinu Kurien
Academic Co-ordinator (Technology) Prof. R. Venkatesh
Academic Co-ordinator (Humanities) Prof. Smita Dalvi
Academic Co-ordinator (Environmental Sciences) Prof. Hema Mulchandani
Faculty Advisor: Students Council Prof. Kavita Sawant
Examinations In-Charge Dr. Aruna Reddi
Faculty Co-ordinator, M.Arch. (Urban Design) Prof. Richa Sharma
College Projects & Exhibition Prof. Mahesh Naik
Student Competitions Prof. Kavita Pradhan
Guest Lectures Prof. Ashish Sengupta
PiCA website Prof. Kavita Sawant
Training & Placement Prof. Kavita Pradhan
Alumni Affairs Prof. Jinu Kurien
Physical Infrastructure & Facilities Prof. Danish Khatri
Environmental Science & Services Lab Prof. Hema Mulchandani, Prof. Shubhangi Bhide, Prof. Neha Sayed
Material Museum Lab & Surveying Leveling Prof. Sasmit Acharekar, Prof. Mahesh Naik, Prof. Laxmi Salunkhe
27th July, 2017
Revised: 1st November, 2017
Prof. (Dr.) Arif N. Merchant, Principal