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Football Competition 2022

Date16th & 17th February, 2022
YearII, III, IV, V
SemesterIII, VI, VIII, X

On 16th & 17th February 2022 students from Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai’s College of Architecture in New Panvel competed in the sports event Football. Owing to the pandemic, there had been a small chasm amongst classmates, seniors, juniors and professors. However, the event brought everybody together strengthened their bonds with one another. Football was yet another sports event to rekindle zest and vigor, participants and non-participants alike reminisced about their school days as a result of the event. Sport is a vital aspect of everyone’s life, exercise and sports involvement have long been recognized as crucial factors in lowering the risk of a variety of health conditions ailments. Sport can be a valuable asset for educational institutions. The PiCA Senate presents such a platform for the PiCAns to develop unification and strength.

How was the Event Conducted?
It was a house competition with a maximum of six players for their team. The event began at 3:00 p.m. It was held on the ground of our college.

Winning Team: It was a tie between Pegasus & Titan