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Hirwai – An Initiative to Tree Plantation

Date20th August, 2021
YearI, III, IV, V
Semester II, V, VII, IX
Faculty Anubhuti Incharge: Reshma Sathe
Anubhuti Coordinators: V S V S Vindhyavalli Devi , Roshani Tiwari

Inclusive Social Awareness:
Many institutions work towards improvement of the relatively unprivileged sections of the society. But in recent years there is another improvement merely needed which is with the natural resources. All over the earth there is a scarcity of natural things like trees, plants, birds etc. the humans are becoming cruel to themselves and their mere future. Utilising nature and its resources is good to some extent but it being used to bring a scarcity is really tough for themselves.

But there are also people who have started caring about nature, being a part of it and redeveloping nature and bringing back the space to breathe for everyone.

The same credits are of Sandhya Chougule mam who had a keen interest on being into nature, planting trees, and also educating people about the same.

About The Speaker:
Sandhya Chougule mam was born in Satara Maharashtra to Laxman – an army officer and Leela – a house maker. Driven by a deep understanding of the vital role of trees, Sandhya mam began her plantation activity in 1986. Since then, she has to her credit the planting and care of more than 60,000 trees. While she plants, Sandhya mam also helps to create sensitivity and awareness about nature and the environment in the local population like gram swachta and gram vikas yojna, education in katkari community etc. and also has received many awards from the government and trusts like ‘Dalit-Mitra Puraskar’, Satara Icon Award 2010, Lakshmi Moreshwar Award etc. all these years.

How was the day celebrated:
The day was celebrated by conducting a talk by Sandhya Chouglue ma’am who is a teacher by profession . The day started with welcoming the speaker and introducing her and her work to the students. This was followed by the guest speaker introducing the students about her story from her childhood till date of how she started loving the trees to the journey of making the whole forest into place. This was then continued by her showing videos and pictures of the forest and the places around it. She also showed pictures of her students and friends planting sapling in the forest and how they celebrate different festivals in the same.

The program then ended by students asking for doubts and sharing their experience of they liked the whole talk and her story and then was ended by a vote of thanks.

The highlights of the event are:
1) Getting to know the story of building a forest and how with determination, will power and support one can fulfil the hardest of one’s dream.

The event was successfully attended by students and faculty from our college, students and family members of Sandhya mam and many people from outside.