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Intra M.E.S. Sports and Games Championship

YearsI, II, III, IV, V
Date25th January, 2023
Time10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
VenuePillai Gymkhana, New Panvel
Faculty in-chargeProf. Jayesh Patil
Student in-chargeNitesh Bane

The MES Sports Council board and its club organize many sports events throughout the year, giving the players an opportunity to compete in different sport categories. The MES inter institution sports championship attracts large number of students over the years and help the students to build their roots in sports.

This year students from Pillai College of Architecture got an opportunity to participate in The Intra MES Sports and Games Championship yet again for the chess and table tennis event held at Pillai College Gymkhana, New Panvel. 7-8 Colleges were a part of the event.

Firstly, there was an introduction about all the sports to the students. Then the event started with lots of enthusiasm. There were 2 to 3 tables aligned for the chess competition and the same for table tennis. Our students participated in both the events (G&B) and won Silver for our college in table tennis and Bronze in chess.

The event ended with an award ceremony, to which we PICAN’s were so proud to get back with winning medals for our college.

Chess (Boys)
1) Madhur
2) Rajas
3) Parth
Chess (Girls)
1) Tanmayee
2) Sharvari
3) Purva
Table Tennis (Boys)
1) Rajas
2) Manas
3) Madhur
Table Tennis (Girls)
1) Kshitija
2) Sharvari
3) Tanmayee

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