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Lecture on “Creativity and Plagiarism”

The lecture on Creativity and plagiarism by Dr.Sudnya Mahimkar was conducted online for the students of B.Arch. On zoom platform

Objective: To understand the significance of authenticity as well as impacts of plagiarism in any kind of research/ studies/ projects etc.

The Following topics were covered


    The students were made aware of the terms like creative work, Copy, Plagiarism etc. w.rt composing & writing the thesis book.

    What is plagiarism and its type, plagiarism in writing etc were discussed in detail.
    How to avoid plagiarism in writing by giving references, Citations, Acknowledgement.


    IPR its definition, and types how creativity can be protected was discussed .
    Indian copy right w.r.t Architecture -1957, UGC regulation to avoid Plagiarism. This was followed by a question and answer session were many doubts were clarified on copy writing and plagiarism