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Minimal Dwelling Competition 2023-24

EventMinimal Dwelling Competition 2023-24
DateFriday, 30th June, 2023
ResultsMon, 9th October, 2023
Forum usedOnline
Faculty in chargeProf. Tushara Kaliyath
CoordinatorsProf. Smita Dalvi, Prof. Shubhangi Bhide, Prof. Ajita Deodhar, Prof. Neha Sayed, Prof. Jui V. Choughule and Prof. Neha Deshpande

The Minimal Dwelling 2023 competition, hosted by Archiol, is a prestigious architectural design competition that challenges participants to explore and create innovative solutions for minimalist housing. The competition invites architects, designers, and creative thinkers from around the world to envision and design dwellings that prioritize minimalism, simplicity, and sustainability. The Competition was introduced as part of Design Esquisse in Sem V Architectural Design Studio, encompassing a two-week academic program.

Participants are tasked with reimagining the concept of a dwelling space in a way that maximizes functionality and comfort while minimizing environmental impact and resource use. The competition encourages the exploration of compact, efficient, and aesthetically pleasing designs that can adapt to various settings and living conditions.

Designers are expected to address critical issues related to housing, such as affordability, space optimization, and environmental considerations. The competition aims to inspire fresh perspectives on housing design and promote innovative solutions for the future of living spaces. It attracts a diverse array of talented individuals and teams who compete to showcase their creative vision and architectural skills in the realm of minimalism.

In the highly competitive Minimal Dwelling 2023 competition, organized by Archiol, some outstanding design teams and individuals showcased their architectural prowess. Among the impressive Top 15 shortlist, PiCA, achieved notable recognition with Four of its teams making the cut. The teams included Sameer Pawar, Diksha Wavhal, Praveen Naik and Sanjana Kamisetti, Bharambe Kirti and Chiara Karnik and Janhavi Kankale, Rima George, and Shrushti Omble. Their innovative designs and creative approaches stood out in the competition, earning them a well-deserved spot among the top contenders. Additionally, Mrunal Khandare and Atharva Velhal were also awarded a Special Mention for their exceptional design to the competition, further solidifying the presence of PiCa’s extraordinary talent in the field of minimalist dwelling design.