6.5 Internal Quality Assurance System
6.5.1 IQAC Contribution6.5.2 IQAC
6.5.1(1) Essay6.5.2(1) Excel templet
6.5.1(2) PDF- Summary of all events6.5.2(2) PDF-
(a) MOM - Horizontal & Verticle Meeting(a) Collaborating (Tekton -Smita D with BVP pune)
(b) COA Best thesis award Selection Process Report(b) MOM of IQAC meetings (five years)
(c) PGMA - Alumini Contribution, Pradnya Gharat award(c) NIRT and ARIIA report on webpage
(d) All Internal Awards (Best Thesis)
(e) web link of Report- IQAC workshop and Exhibition and Photos
(f) AD Design Workshop - Report