7.1 Institutional Value and Social Responsibilities
7.1.1 Gender Equity and celebration of National and International days7.1.2 Environmental Conciousness and sustainibility7.1.3 Audits on environment and energy7.1.4 Inclusion, Situatedness, Human values & professional ethics
7.1.1 (1) Essay7.1.2 (1) PDF- Summary of all provisions7.1.3(1) PDF- Summary of all provisions7.1.4(1) Essay
7.1.1 (2) Pdf Summary7.1.2 (2) LINK- reports on website (word file)7.1.3(2) LINK- reports on website (word file)7.1.4(2) PDF- Summary of all provisions
7.1.1 (3)
1. Relevant Photographs of Facilities
2. Events - Gender Equity Promotion Programs
3. Report - National & International Days and Festivals
7.1.4(3) LINK- reports on website (word file)