Love Feast and Open Mic

Type of EventCultural
Name of Event Love Feast and Open Mic
Academic Year2019-20
Event Date20th September, 2019
Workshop/Event Details Love Feast and Open Mic
VenueArchitecture 1st year studio
Attended by StudentsI Year, II Year, III Year, IV Year, V Year
Brief Description

The Love Feast and Open mic was held in the Ground floor studio and was participated by the students from all years..The theme of this year’s love feast was Snacks. The team members from each house were expected to participate and make snacks that could be easily made . The event was simultaneously conducted with Open mic and started at around 4pm .For the love feast, each team had ten members . Snacks like bhel, shevpuri and cheese loaded nachos were made by the participating team.Among the faculties present, Professor Sarvesh partcipated in the love feast and helped the students in making Bhel.The snacks made were savoured and relished by the faculty and students alike.

In open mic, the partcipants from each of the five houses were expected to perform minimum 3 and maximum 5 performances . The participants of the open mic sang, danced, recited poems and performed duets, beatboxing and rapping. The events were enjoyed by all – faculties as well as students.In the end , Professor Tejashree also sung a song , thereby concluding the Open mic. Finally the marks were alloted to each house for both the events in which the house Phoenix rose as its mythical bird counterpart to the very top.