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Vachan Prerna Divas 2020

Academic Year2020-21
Event Date21st October, 2020
Attended by StudentsII Year, III Year, IV Year, V Year

Vachan Prerna Divas event was held to celebrate reading books in terms of visual or verbal interpretations of the participants favourite book.

In the wake of the cynical pandemic, finding optimism has been a concern for everyone. With regard to the ultramodern adaptations made in the society, VOX Magazine centralized ‘Re-imagining Architecture’ where our main aim was to call for entries which enabled PICANs to express their notions about their favorite book with the help of a graphical illustration and a summary of the book.

Their illustrations had to revolve around the ‘new norms’ and its emergence and aftermath of the same. What we call today as the new normal has various aspects. The fellow students got an opportunity to put light on the unseen sides of it as well as bring in their creativity. Right from book lovers to illustrators, the event gave a sound space for artists that had a different perspective towards the new normal. Whether it was about the digital dependence and its impact in all domains, cultural influences, irregularly schedules or even the imbalanced lifestyle.

We received 18 entries for the same. The submissions were in graphical as well as verbal format and even in video format, by reciting their favorite part. The students highlighted all the sides and how difficult it would be to go back to our actual lifestyle. All in all, the idea gave our readers a broad analysis of how one can perceive things in an optimistic outlook and get the intricate efforts even in chaotic times.