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ACOUSTIC Guest Lecture

Academic Year2020-21
Event Date and Time3rd October, 2020 at 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.
SubjectBuilding Services - 3 (BARC-508)
FacultySubject Coordinator : Sarojini Lohot
Guest Lecturer: Architect Rolins Thomas Roy.(online)

The objectives of this lecture is to help Students understand the:

a. Importance of acoustics in Architecture
b. Sound, velocity, frequency, intensity
c. Reflection, reverberation, absorption, transmission of sound

Introduction about Sound and Noise:
Fundamental Properties and characteristics of sound. (Frequency, wavelength, velocity, pressure, pressure level, intensity, pitch, tone, loudness, timbre etc.) made to understand through handling potable speaker by students when music was played at different levels

Noise: Physiological and Psychological impact of noise on human beings. Noise criteria for various spaces viz: Living areas, Educational areas, Offices etc.

Behaviour of Sound
Behavior of sound in open and enclosed spaces with reference to the form of enclosures and various surface finishes was made to understand & experience students through videos and listening to sound. Music in different spaces.

Noise Control
Measures to control noise nuisance (Air borne and Structure borne) in different spaces was explained Through photographs of on going sites. Live examples.

Selection & Application of Acoustical Materials
Acoustical materials along with their properties, behaviour, selection criteria, use and construction details.

The recording of the lecture is attached here https://drive.google.com/u/0/open?id=16rPcgCTAJWpAQ4Ze8fRJWBHmGz8t0mUY