Preventive Measure for Anti Ragging
  1. We have a very strict rules and regulations toward the prevention of anti ragging in our college.
  2. We are having a committee for the anti ragging to prevent ragging in our institution / campus and to safe guard the newly admitted students.
  3. The helpline numbers are communicated to the students and also it has been displayed on the notice board and also on the website of the college.
  4. As per the directions of UGC/MHRD online undertaking has been done by the students and their parents by filling the compliance at www.antiragging.in in order to curb the menance of ragging in our institution.
  5. ‘Anti Ragging Squad” has been constituted.
  6. Posters, rules and regulations of anti ragging are displayed in and around the college area like notice board, library, computer lab and on each floors of the college to generate awareness amongst students on anti-ragging.
  7. Mentors are appointed so that the students can trust and convey their problems and issues. Each mentor does discuss, convey and convince students not to engage in such offense.