IT Facilities

IT Facilities

The Institute ensures that comprehensive IT facilities and resources are available to cater to the computing, network services, and other related needs of both students and faculty. This includes providing access to modern computer labs, high-speed internet connectivity, software and hardware resources, and technical support to facilitate smooth and efficient academic and research activities. The IT infrastructure is designed to enhance the learning experience and promote seamless communication and collaboration within the Institute’s academic community.

IT Infrastructure Details

No. of PCs in Institute92
No. of PCs in Computer lab70
No. of PCs in Library13
No. of PCs in Office & Staff Room8
No of PC in Principal's Cabin1
No. of Printers11
Internet Bandwidth255 Mbps expandable upto 500 Mbps
Licensed System Software2
Internet Connection Ratio1:1

Server Details

Name of the ServerConfiguration
EduRight (2009)Windows Server 2008 R2
Intel Xeon Processor E5-2609
Digital Library ServerWindows 2003 R2, Intel S 5000 PSL
XEON server CPU
1 TB hard disk, 16 GB RAM
KOHAWindows 2003 R2, Intel Xeon Processor E5-2609
1 TB hard disk, 16 GB RAM
Accounts ServerWindows 2003 R2, Intel S 5000 VSA
XEON server CPU
500 GB hard disk, 8 GB RAM

Networking Switch Details
Cisco SG300-28 28 Port Gigabit Managed Switch (38)

Router Details
  1. Ubiquiti Networks for entire campus with wireless access points of 4G support
  2. PrimeNet Global

Internet Details
Service Provider: Primenet Global Ltd.
Bandwidth Available: 255 Mbps burstable up to 500 Mbps, Tie up with Airtel – Installed with Gateway for WiFi users
Security Arrangements: SOPHOS FW


All architectural studios (B. Arch and M. Arch) have LCD overhead Projectors with screen, WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops, Portable Speaker and Collar Mick

Studio G 001
Studio G 001
Studio 101
Studio 101
Studio 201
Studio 201
Studio 301
Studio 301
Studio 401
Studio 401
M.Arch Studio 201
M.Arch Studio 202
Lecture Room / A.V. Room

All Lecture rooms have LCD overhead Projectors with screen, WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops, Portable Speaker and Collar Mick.

Centre of Excellence

The Pillai College of Architecture’s Centre of Excellence strives to offer value-added courses to enhance students’ professional skills alongside their academic endeavours. The Centre is dedicated to supporting students in their transition from campus to the corporate world by providing access to contemporary and industry-relevant programs. The main objective of this centre is Delivering industry-specific programs to our students for a well-rounded skill set. Enhancing employability through targeted initiatives. Fostering entrepreneurship by offering relevant programs. Establishing a strong link between the industry and academia, with industry involvement in course design and curriculum development. Refining communication skills, including various levels of soft skills programs, to empower our students.

E-Learning Studio

The E-Learning studio, also known as the light board studio, to produce high-quality E-learning content for both students and the general community. Within this studio, instructors face the audience directly while creating content on a light board. Additionally, the facility is equipped with state-of-the-art recording software and hardware to ensure the creation of top-notch online E-learning materials.


Both the conclaves have LCD overhead Projectors with screens, WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops, HD Speaker and Collar Mick.


The area is well furbished with high-tech ITC facilities such as Wi-Fi and LAN connections for the internet, an overhead projector with screen, fixed and portable mic, HD sound systems, acoustical panels and lighting.

Conference Room

The conference room has LCD overhead Projectors, WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops, Portable Speaker and digital wireless Mick

Staff Room

Staff rooms have WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops and printer

Computer Lab

Computer Lab has WiFI and LAN connections for laptops/Desktops, printer, and LCD overhead projector.

Representative Photo of a typical staff room

Special Cyberspace in the Library

Apart from the regular reading space in the library PiCA has provided a dedicated cyberspace where students can do their research work. The area has WiFi and LAN connection for laptops and desktop. Library also has scanning and printing facility.


The entire MES Pillai campus is under CCTV surveillance for a safe and secure environment for its all stakeholders.

Camera On Campus

PhD Room

The PhD room at the institute is a dedicated air-conditioned space furnished with computers, WiFi, and LAN connections. This facility provides an optimal environment for doctoral students to delve into their original research ideas. The room is designed to facilitate collaborative discussions among peers and faculty members. It features individual workstations and a spacious discussion table surrounded by comfortable chairs, fostering a conducive atmosphere for scholarly pursuits and intellectual exchange.