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Mahad Flood Donation - Anubhuti

Inclusive Social Awareness
In tough times like covid having floods and other natural disasters bring in life of people to the urge of death is really very depressing. All over the state of Maharashtra there is a large destruction due to the natural disasters and heavy rains. Many houses and many buildings all over are in the state of breaking down. There are people without food, shelter and clothing, the basic need of a human life. Within two days there were over 150 deaths and many losses of roads and buildings.

In these tough times, MES institute PiCA, the SENATE- the Student Council body of PiCA and Anubhuti – the social wing of PiCA came together to collaborate with Muslim Welfare Society Lanja to help the Chiplun region of Maharashtra which had seen major destruction.

The donation was in the form of kits each including daily essentials, dry snacks, basic clothing, shawls, blankets, water bottles and medicines which would be useful in such a scenario of emergency.

How was the fund raising conducted?

The day was celebrated by spreading awareness among people about the worst situation of the area by sending pictures via social media and letting people know about it.

Then there was a 2 days donation drive/ fundraising program arranged wherein the whole of the college and the people from outside of the college, both inhouse and outhouse initiated to come together and help the people with whatever amount they could. All payment modes were made open – gpay, paytm, bank transfer etc. Everyone from students, the faculty, the alumni and their friends and neighbours contributed open heartedly together getting a huge amount of 50,000 rupees.

50,000 given to Muslim Welfare Soceity Lanja had iniated to help the people affected in Chiplun region with sanitary pads, water bottles, clothes and other necessary medication like paracetamol, mosquito repellents etc to help them from water bound diseases.

Activities conducted this year were both for fun as well as entertainment and Skill building.

  1. Inspiring people, spreading awareness about the issue.
  2. Donation of basic requirements in the flood prone areas.
  3. Helping people around bringing human qualities.

Takeaways :

Donation is always a two process. Here the process is where you donate the basic needs for someone else’s needs someday.

In the end donation is always a “your” thing where things come back to you.

Anubhuti - Varanasi Kalyan Ashram - Women Safety

Anubhuti - Varanasi Kalyan Ashram - Women Safety

Anubhuti - Varanasi Kalyan Ashram - Women Safety

Anubhuti - Varanasi Kalyan Ashram - Women Safety

Anubhuti - Varanasi Kalyan Ashram - Women Safety