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Archilogics Guest Lecture on “Research Writing Skills”

The “Archilogics” 2021-22, guest lecture series by PiCA Panvel conducted a research writing workshop on 3rd and 4th September, 2021 by renowned Architect Darpana Athale for semester 9 students. It aimed at developing creative and formal writing skills that the students can incorporate into their DD book by the end of this semester. The session began with the introduction of the guest speaker by Prof. Tejashree Lakras.

No of participants
Design Dissertation
3rd September, 2021
Day 1 – 70 / Day 2- 45
Subject coordinator : Tejashree Lakras
Guest lecturer: Architect Darpana Athale

The architect commenced the workshop with a very engaging and interesting presentation conveying the significance of research writing skills in architecture academics and the professional field. The beginning part of the presentation threw light on how to conduct the research, collect data, organize data, analyse and reflect the same in an individual’s comfortable form of expression. It further made students understand the importance of organization of data and its role in the formal research writing process. It briefly introduced the types of research writing like research paper, report writing, book writing, article writing, etc. and also shared the draft structure of each form of writing. The session conductor also shared certain tips on writing research. The first day concluded with the introduction of the assignment which students were required to submit before the next day’s session. The assignment was about reading, thinking over and reflecting the information of any one chosen architect in the form of an article. The shortlisted assignments were presented by students and were discussed by the guest and the faculty and students. The guest speaker shared how different forms of analysis, expressions, perceptions and understanding can be formulated in the form of different types of writings.

She also suggested the ways in which authentic sources should be given credits and how citations within the text should be included. The workshop concluded with the general comments on research writing skills of architecture students and certain tips to improvise the same. The workshop definitely proved quite informative and helpful for the students.