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Guest Lecture by Architect Kruti Shah, Chaal Chaal Agency (CCA), Ahmedabad

As a part of Architectural design studio for Third academic year – Sem 5, we invited architect Kruti Shah as our first guest under ArchiLogics Guest Lecture Series by PiCA 2021-22. The lecture was planned especially to get expert’s comments to help current esque project exploring the idea of modular design as the first part of the AD studio.

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Student Attendees
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Friday, 18th June, 2021
5:30 – 7:00 p.m.
Prof. Smita Dalvi, Prof. Ajita Deodhar, Prof. Tushara Kaliyath, Prof. Rupali Vaidya, Prof. Swapna Ghatge, Prof. Moushumi Kulkarni, Prof. Jinu Kurien, Prof. Kavita Pradhan
Neha Korde
Online Zoom Meeting

About Kruti Shah
Chaal Chaal Agency – CCA is a design & research collaborative practice founded by Kruti Shah and Sebastian Trujillo, which works between Ahmedabad (India) and Bogotá (Colombia). CCA specializes in experimental infrastructures, transformative design, and trans-disciplinary pedagogy, locating their area of investigation in the intersection between politics and space. They have been involved in a series of exercises that range from the proposition of public-generative devices and light architectures, to a dynamic pedagogical practice intertwined with academic research.

It was conducted in the form of initial presentation and Q&A session between the guest and students, which was supported by our faculty team as well.

The following questionnaire was prepared from the students and answered by the guest.

  1. What is the process selecting different materials with respect to every project exploring the idea of modular design?
  2. How does the different user groups and site contexts help you to work towards shaping your own design brief? And, do they perform any role in on site – execution of the project?
  3. How do define your design approach in terms of dealing with the “scale” factor as most of your projects are of small scale. What is the predesign process you undergo to come up with certain design decisions at the end?
  4. Experiencing a diverse climate in India, how should a designer keep the approach towards a wise material which can face harsh climatic conditions especially to deal with its temporal nature? Can you share your experience in Colombia having a different place altogether?
  5. How will modular and prefabricated building ideas develop in the future and will this development effect architectural building styles aesthetically?
  6. What role can modular construction and prefabrication play in providing sustainable and high quality medical clinics to developing countries?
  7. How to achieve modular design while constructing something related to healthcare as it doesn’t allow us much freedom with design and creativity?