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Guest Lecture on Ajay Kulkarni’s Works

Date 12th January, 2021
Subject Architectural Design
Session 2020 - 21
Year 2nd
Semester 4th
Faculty Subject Coordinator: Tejashree Lakras
Guest Lecturer: Architect Ajay Kulkarni

The Archilogics Webinar Series 2020-2021 initiative by PiCA Panvel conducted its next session on 12th January, 2021 in the form of webinar by renowned Architect Ajay Kulkarni featuring Context | Architecture| People in which the architect showed how Aurangabad’s rich heritage can be wonderfully translated into contemporary language. The session began with the introduction to speakers by Prof. Tejashree Lakras. The prestation started with architect explaining how this pandemic has changed us and pushed us into next orbit, where he explained with examples of history in Aurangabad which gave students insight to Aurangabad’s history and its complexities that make the city rich in its history even today.The presentation highlighted the importance of locally available materials seen in history, he also explained briefly what is tangible and intangible elements, the interdependency on each other in today’s context which will prove helpful and effective for students for a start in design. The architect also through his various own projects explained how legacy of history which is can be translated into projects which was inspiring and engaging. He explained in detail every project from his inspiration to the completion of project with wonderful sketches and project images. The presentation concluded with him explaining passionately projects that translate the language of history in his projects which kept us all engaged.