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Guest Lecture on “Awareness in Research and Innovation”

The Lecture on “Awareness in Research and Innovation” by Dr. B. K. Sarkar was conducted offline in seminar hall for the Faculty of B.Arch.


Awareness in Research and Innovation
7th January, 2022
Faculty coordinator: Ar. Sarojini Lohot
Lecture By: Dr. B. K. Sarkar

Objective: To understand the complex process of the patent filing for the idea you have, its benefits, applications & why it is necessary for filing patent.

The workshop commenced with the interactive discussion on what is Patent, why it is necessary to file patent for your ideas & Guidelines for filing and the process.

The following points were discussed in detail.

1) Necessity of Patent Filing & advantages
a) Individual Research profile, Resume will be Upgraded.
b) For Institutes / Organization – applying for Accreditation for NAAC, NBR, etc. Ranking score increases.
c) You can sell your ideas / concept to industry and earn.
d) You can associate with an industry who pr.

2) How To Think Innovative Ideas.
The idea should have Society problem solution, Industry problem solution, Research & innovation for PhD. How to think ideas was explained with various examples from day to day life, and made simpler in understanding. It should be economical, eco-friendly, life cycle analysis should be considered.

3) Write the idea and Patent filing.
First the idea should be patented and then you can publish the research papers related.

The whole process from writing an idea to filing the patent was discussed in detail. Also different types of patent were discussed.

The session was concluded with the vote of thanks by the Principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar.