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Guest Lecture on “Context Sensitive Design Approach”

The lecture was organized on 5th February, 2022 on the Zoom online platform at 10.00 a.m. under the PICA Archilogics lecture Series 2021-22. The session was conducted under Semester IV Architectural Design studio and was attended by majorly semester IV students & faculty team as well as Semester 6th & 10th students.

The lecture commenced after a brief introduction of the Design Jatra firm & guest lecturer by Prof. Jasmine Bhavsar.

Ar. Vinita spoke about how their firm adopted context sensitive approach while designing after passing out from an urban background and how they developed the same during their journey.

She specifically talked about five major projects of Design Jatra firm including their first project which was a turning point to their work in the Veti village in Murbad. She explained about how context makes a difference in terms of architecture & how they tried the projects to be context specific. She explained different parameters which needs to be considered while designing such as location, climate, lifestyle, culture, availability of local resources such as materials, labour etc. and major point was need of the community or people staying.

She also mentioned about different materials which were recycled, reused & techniques to use those which definitely envisioned students for their AD project in semester IV. Integration of outdoor & indoor spaces, using different openings for daylight & ventilation, creating interactive spaces for communities were the inspiring design ideas for the students. She also mentioned regarding how cost difference is worked out in both conventional & such projects.

This discussion was followed up by Q&A session in which students & faculty participated which made a session interactive.

Overall, the project surely provided a baseline for the students who are just starting with the conceptual process of their AD project.