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Guest Lecture on “Design Variable and Design Intent”

SubjectDesign Dissertation
Date10th December, 2019
FacultySubject Coordinator: Tejashree Lakras
Guest Lecture: Dr. Sushma Joglekar

Design Variable and Design Intent
The guest lecture by Dr. Sushma Joglekar intended at making students of semester 10 understand the linkage between the research and the design process. The lecture focussed more upon certain aspects like

  1. How the research conduction process should be reflected in the concept and design development,
  2. How different approaches can be built with respect to the particular thesis framework,
  3. How the design could act as solution to the identified issues during the research work,
  4. How design process could be site centred, user centred, environment centred,
  5. How concept and design development stage forms the synthesis for entire project,
  6. How different inspirations for design can give justified direction to the entire methodology etc or a combination of two- three.

The lecture proceeded further to the discussion of thesis topics few students and their Take on design. This discussion gave an overall direction to the other students too in terms of Pre-design and Design processes. The lecture concluded with the summary note by the speaker.