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Guest Lecture on “Safety Measures”

SubjectDesign Dissertation
Year 5th
Date25th July, 2022
Time12:30 p.m. - 02:00 p.m.
VenueAV Room, PiCA
Faculty Subject Coordinator: Ajita Deodhar
Guest Lecturer: Tejashree Lakras

The PiCA Archilogics Series 2022-2023 conducted its next session on 25th July, 2022 in the form of webinar by Prof. Tejashree Lakras for Sem 9 Design Dissertation subject and was arranged in the studio. She gave an overview of the dissertation process. 60 students attended the same.

Prof. Tejashree structured the session around the pointers like conception and structuring, implementation, synthesis, conclusions and presentation and she explained it with the help of various dos and don’ts which students should focus on while working on their dissertation. Further going into detail she talked about how to go ahead with the writing of thesis book. Students should use read, write, read again and frame. She talked about common mistakes and missing areas from the thesis books. Giving reference to previous semester’s lecture on plagiarism she stressed upon it saying students need to stay away from plagiarism and write the original content.

Lecture was concluded by Prof. Ajita Deodhar by summarizing the session and thanking Prof. Tejashree for reconnecting with students and sharing her experience with them which is going to be very. effective in the entire journey of their thesis.