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Landscape Site Visit to National Park, Yeoor, Thane

SubjectLandscape Design (Sem V, B. Arch),
Environmental Studies (Sem IV, M. Arch Urban Design)
Session 2022 - 23
Date 22nd July, 2022
Faculty Co-ordinator : Prof. Jui V Choughule
Accompanying faculty: Prof. Ajita Deodhar, Prof. Ashwini Bhosale, Prof. Khushpreet Bajwa, Prof. Snehal Ghag, Prof. Tushara K.

A day’s site visit was arranged for the students of 3rd year B. Arch and Final Year M. Arch Urban Design as a vertical collaboration of the two classes. The students visited Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Yeoor, Thane and Dattaji Salvi Udyaan (A Botanical Garden) at Thane on 2nd July, 2022. This was a vertical collaboration visit of B. Arch and M. Arch. Intention behind the visit was to improve students’ observation, understanding, critical thinking skills in the field of Landscape and Environmental studies.

Aim of the site visit was to make students experience the natural landscapes and their impacts on the surroundings. The goal was to make students understand the conservation and an attempt of recreation of native plantation.

The site visit was accompanied by a field botany expert and a naturalist Seema Hardikar. There was also a guest lecture by Seema madam conducted on site.

The site visit was combined with the study of surrounding areas (e.g. Villages at Yeoor Hills and Bara Bangla area, Thane East was done by M. Arch students in order to understand the environmental impacts of these landscapes on the contextual surroundings and futuristic opportunities for the students to design its precinct.

Objective of Visit:

  • To help students understand the user’s perspective, by witnessing the natural and designed native landscapes.
  • To bring students in contact with the expert Seema Hardikar regarding plant study, vegetation mapping and environmental impacts of the same.
  • To offer the perfect informal setup for discussion, dialogues and experiences which helps to explore their observation skills

Subject: Landscape Design (Sem V, B. Arch), Environmental Studies (Sem IV, M. Arch Urban Design)
Location: Thane

Methodology and output:
B. Arch

  1. Studying the Canopy Patterns in Exotic and Native Vegetation in Plan view and Site sections: Sketches and Information
  2. Representative graphics for Tree canopy and derive basic design patterns through the same. Understand the plants with the patterns seen on them.
  3. Studying Plant Taxonomy
  4. Studying faunal Species observed and their respective plant species
  5. Studying Plant identification Characteristics
  6. Deriving at Colour map of the site: to the scale on A2 sheet
  7. Studying seasonal variations in the plant species and marking the observed condition
  8. Sample collections and their documentation: A3 size booklet

M. Arch

  1. Plantation Mapping as observed on site
  2. Understanding difference between Exiting Forest Landscape and Designed Landscape via plant stratification
  3. SGNP and its impact on surrounding sites
  4. Planning Strategies for protected Landscapes and Designed botanical gardens