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[table id=425 /] MAPPING THE PAST: EXPLORING HISTORY THROUGH SPATIAL PERSPECTIVE Introduction to Workshop: History is a comprehensive study of the past, encompasses all the recorded events, actions, ideas and societies through various factors revolve around human and the surroundings. History is also a significant tool in urban

[table id=409 /] Workshop Details Day wise with Geotagged photographs Day 1: Students worked on final sheets for Site Plan with Ground floor & first floor plan from 8.30 to 4.00 pm. Majority of students finished it with pencil in class. Some of them managed to complete inking

[table id=417 /] Introduction: The Orientation Week: Foundations to Skylines was a well-crafted program designed to introduce first-year B.Arch. students to the world of architecture. This report delves into the week's core workshops, their objectives, methodologies, and outcomes, emphasizing their role in building foundational skills and knowledge

[table id=397 /] On the Account of World Photography Day, Photography Workshop was organized for the year 2023-24, conducted online via Google Meet, aimed to introduce architecture students to the art of photography. The workshop conducted and Organized by Social Media Team, Photography Club and

[table id=393 /] Overview A week-long workshop which commenced on 22nd July was held at IIT Kanpur by NICEE for students of architecture. The workshop's main objective was to increase students' awareness of earthquake safety issues and to provide them with a conceptual understanding of earthquake-resistant design.

[table id=401 /] Aim: To identify geometry that makes up basic 2D geometry which would later provide exposure for the students to approach a design project leading them on the right track allowing them to experiment different forms. Objective: To study and understand the importance of Geometry/ form

[table id=404 /] [table id=405 /] Objective: Workshop curated to educate students about concepts related to transit in India through various professionals who are working in various private and government agencies. Initiative would allow students to have exposure towards trends in urban transportation systems. Session 1: Mr.

Date: 9th June, 2023 Time: 9.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m., Venue: Ground Floor Studio Agenda: Academic review of 2022-23. Review of jury and student feedbacks. Curricular Planning for 2023-24, Term-I: Presentation and Discussion of Architectural Design studio project briefs of semester 3, 5, 7, and 9.

[table id=416 /] Day 1 Prof. Prakash Shringarpure introduced Project & Project management as a concept to students. He explained its importance for construction field in current scenario & project lifecycle. Prof. Vrinda explained the relevance of project management in architecture field &