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Chai with Khaki

Event Highlights:

  1. Visiting Police station on 15th August.
  2. Sensitizing students towards caregivers to society.
  3. Student volunteers served tea to the office bearers at the Police station.
About 20 students from PICA Anubhuti participated in this event and spent the day with Railway Police.

We all celebrate Independence day by unveiling the National flag every year. The day is a Public holiday in India and it is mandatory for companies to give their workforce leave on this day.

All public and private institutions, companies, banks, and offices are closed on this day and Independence day is celebrated with much fervour. Most schools and colleges have some or the other event planned for this purpose. Residents in the locality attend these programs and enjoy the holiday.

However, when we relax the friends in uniforms always keep on the vigil. It is their duty and responsibility to keep the nation and its people always secure. Hence the police force never takes the vigil off. The purpose of the session is to acknowledge their efforts and let them know that the society cares for them too. The Police force is works relentlessly towards safeguarding the people and their nation. It is usually not fashionable to engage with them.

Yet there is so much to learn from them and when we communicate., we know a lot deal greater about people at large and mob sentiments. When we take it upon ourselves to design with sensitivity, we create more opportunities for good design of built environment and, at the same time, avoiding common issues and include design ideas geared for safety.

This time it was the Railway Police that students shared tea with. It was an endearing experience, understanding their schedule and making notes of the most common issues that Commuters faced with. Many social issues such as Gender related, and age related were discussed.

What can students Do?

  1. Hold regular workshops for commuters to enlighten them on basic care to be taken while commuting.
  2. Social awareness skits and street shows in festivals.
  3. Being aware yourself while travelling.