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Diwali – Sharing and Caring

Academic Year2020-21
Event Date14th - 15th November, 2020
SemesterIII, V
FacultyAnubhuti incharge : Reshma Sathe
Anubhuti coordinators : Sanket Vibhandik, V S V S Vindhyavalli Devi
JudgeShuubangi Bhide

Inclusive Social Awareness:
Many institutions work towards improvement of the relatively unprivileged sections of the society.However, there is always a subtle line of separation between “them” and “us”. Diwali as an auspicious occasion was celebrated by killing the evil inside and being happier inside and making our surroundings also happier. The main motive was a cracker free diwali to save the environment and all the people and animals on the streets.

How is the day celebrated?
Since this was an online event due to the covid situation, the occasion of diwali was celebrated to the maximum with the minimum use of crackers.A competition was conducted to bring in a sportive spirit and also for them to enjoy. Everyone was asked to send diwali decorations and rangolis of their own house.

Activities conducted this year were both for fun as well as entertainment and skill building.

1. Cracker Free Diwali
2. Making rangolis and diwali decorations.
3. Sharing the pictures with everyone.

Sharing and caring:
The idea of getting together, having fun and doing charity is the most important here.

Due to the covid situation all the processes have got late and everything is online, the main constraints of mingling with people, celebrating and helping them was not possible.

Still the team came up with an idea to reciprocate the same feeling of joy and happiness, making it a cracker free diwali.

The event was remotely attended by 18 people including students of second, third and fourth year and faculties of PiCA.

The winners are:
Manasi Gharat: Second Year