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Donation Drive Day

Session : 2021- 22
Date : 18th January, 2021
Year : II, III
Semester : III, V
Faculty :Anubhuti Incharge : Reshma Sathe
Coordinators :Anubhuti Coordinators : Sanket Vibhandik, V.S.V.S Vindhyavalli
Event Coordinators : Faiz Kasu

Inclusive Social Awareness:
For us, the idea of winter means cuddling under the blanket for warmth, lying in our comfort zone. But for those on the streets, with every drop in the temperatures it’s a fight for survival.

‘It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving’.

How was the day celebrated?
Like every year this also Team Anubhuti supported the Donation Drive conducted by Pillai college in collaboration with Soroptomist International Organization. Team Anubhuti’s volunteers helped in smooth run of the drive. Volunteers collected the donation from various spots in Navi Mumbai and collectively submitted it in the Pillai’s Donation box. Due to the current pandemic, traveling was the major issue. Hence Team Anubhuti acted as a bridge between the donors and the receivers.

Activities conducted this year were for helping needy to face hash cold nights.

  1. Collection of blanket.
  2. Distributing and taking photographs

Take Aways:

  • Small initiation can make huge difference around us.
  • Thank you everyone for donating.

Received good participation from all years.

Thanks to,
Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar
Principal of Pillai’s College of Architecture

Ar. Kavita Sawant
Assistant Professor
Pillai’s College of Architecture