Harshada Katkar


Associate Professor and Course Co-ordinator, Architecture Department
Email: harshadakatkar@mes.ac.in

  • M.Arch.(Urban Design)
    2012: SPA, Bhopal
  • B.Arch.
    2009: V.N.I.T., Nagpur
Research and Consultancy

Research topics such as developing urban areas, derelict spaces and implication of theories like gentrification in Indian content are her key areas of interest. She has also been researching in Pedagogical model for Housing Design which would yield holistic design from students.


Urban Design, Architectural Design, Town Planning, Housing Design

Important Publications
  • ‘BHUTAN: An Insight into Architectural Geography’. ISBN: 9788193874905 Edited the book, which is compilation of student’s work done after study tour to Bhutan. That gave an insight into publication work and evolved analytical skills. (Second Year-3rd semester B Arch-B, 2016)
  • ‘Studio Proceedings: Recognition of Space through memory mapping, Lateral strategies for Architectural Design Studios’. ISBN: 9788193874929 Co-ordinated and conceptualized Architectural design studio for second-year students. The idea of recognition of space through memory mapping is explored through studio and pedagogical process which is published as studio proceedings. This studio was based on a study tour of Bhutan and focused on exploration of lateral strategies to harness spatial memories created by users. (Second Year-3rd semester B Arch-B, 2016.)
  • DECADE 2021, International Conference on New Urbanism (ICNU) on 4th October 2021. Title – ‘Revitalization of Urban Voids to Urban Infill for Place Making – A Case of Kharghar Skywalk’
  • Civil Engineering and Urban Planning (March 2021, /volume 8, Number 1): An International Journal (CiVEJ) Title – ‘Infrastructural Urban Voids as an Instrument for Homogenous Urban Fabric, Case of kharghar’ https://airccse.com/civej/vol8.html
  • Paper presentation at THANIMA-2, 2nd International Conference on Design Pedagogy and Contextual Aesthatics Title – ‘Pedagogical Model for Elevating Aesthetical and Qualitative Value of Learner’s Design’ held on 19th, 20th and 21st January 2017 at NIT, Calicut.