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Felicitation Ceremony 2019-20

Event DetailsFelicitation ceremony of the Academic year 2019-2020, Alegria , Kalyan project and panvel project.
Event Date 25th February, 2020
Attended by studentsI year, II year, III year, IV year & V year

The Felicitation Ceremony was hosted by Kiran Patel (5th Year) and Nikunj Deshpande (3rd Year). The ceremony began with Prof. Tejashree Lakras giving a brief of the ‘Kalyan Smrutigandha’ project to the audience. This was followed by the screening of the documentary ‘Kalyan Smrutigandha’. After the screening the winners of the competitions that took place in Alegria 2020 were awarded by certificates. Participants of all three days of the Kinesthesia Value Added Course Workshop, which were from 1st Year and 2nd Year batch were given certificates. Bhagyashree Angchekar and Namrata Chilekar were felicitated for achieving 56th and 32nd mention in the Archdais competition on coworking buildings respectively.

5th year temas of Shrijeet Redekar, Rujuta Muley and Nidhi Warrier and Harsha pawali, Ved khure and Ruzan Shaikh were felicitated for winning in the Transparence competition.

Pradnya Gharat Memorial Award 2019 was presented.

Parametric Workshop participants were awarded with certificates

Principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar awarded the certificates to winners of Academic Excellence Awards.

Academic Excellence Awards were presented to Anuja Kanase, Bhagyashree Angchekar, Janhavi Joshi, Prachi Jatia, Siddhesh Bhandari from 1st Year to 5th year respectively.

Prof. Smita Dalvi awarded the volunteers of the Panvel Exhibition

Volunteers of ‘Kalyan Smrutigandha’ project were also awarded with certificates.

Best Thesis was awarded to Kunal Jain.

Outstanding Performance in M.Arch was awarded to Shreya Rathor and Neha Chavan.

Best M.Arch Thesis was awarded by Neha Chavan.