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Kamu Iyer Design Competition 2023

Date7th January, 2023
Results7th January, 2023
Forum usedOffline, AIKTC Auditorium
Faculty in-chargeProf. Tushara Kaliyath
ParticipantsAbhishek Pisat, Suyash Ghodke and Vishnu Rajendran

The 8th Year of Kamu Iyer Design Competition, the aim of this competition is to encourage the spirit of architecture in the students and to create a healthy competition between the students from various colleges of Navi Mumbai. The underlying cause is to insinuate the students to proffer their Semester V design and gain appreciation for the same. PiCA had shortlisted 3 entries for the Competition, students Abhishek Pisat, Suyash Ghodke and Vishnu Rajendran.

The event was scheduled and completed in a single day, The event comprised of 2 parts, the 1st was a closed / silent jury and the 2nd half was a one-to-one jury. The closed jury was a 3 hours jury. 3 jurors judged the design based on the design ideas and strategies. 5 out 15 students were selected for the finals which took place in the AIKTC auditorium in which PiCA student Abhishek Pisat qualified. The 2nd half of the event started with a speech from the convenor and the dean of the college, following that there was a presentation by one of the jurors.

The event was concluded with a speech from the convenor along with the final results which declared the following results, The 2nd Runner Up entry for the 8th Kamu Iyer Design Competition event is student Abhishek Pisat, Pillai’s college of Architecture, Panvel.