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Kho-Kho Competition 2022

Date10th December, 2021
YearII, III, IV, V
SemesterIII, VI, VIII, X

The students of Mahatma Education Society’s Pillai’s College of Architecture, New Panvel participated in the sports event Kho-Kho on 10th December, 2021. Kho-Kho was yet another sports event to bring enthusiasm and energy back. As we have established that exercise and sports participation has long been ascertained as an important factor in reducing the risk of many physical and mental problems. Sport is an important part of each individual’s life. Sport can be a powerful tool for educational establishments to use. Pandemic did bring a little gap between the bonds between classmates, seniors, juniors and faculty. But the event made each and everyone unite and improve the connections with everyone. The Pica senate provides such platforms for building unity and strength among the picans. The event made the participants and the non-participants reminisce about their school days.

How was the Event conducted?
It was a house event with a maximum of 8 players vying for their team. The event started at 4 pm. It was held on our college ground. The event meandered in about two hours. The teams played against each other to which CENTAUR & TITAN had the final match. The winning team attained 20 points.

Winning Team: Centaur