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Shiv Jayanti

Venue – Atrium, Pillai Colleg, Panvel.

On 20th February 2020, the Shivaji Jayanti was celebrated with zest and zeal in Pillai’s college.

Students and the faculties participated in the festival with great enthusiasm.

The Inauguration of Exhibition was done by Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar and other college professors which was held in old canteen area, where the information regarding forts were displayed.

Adding to this, veneration ceremony of the Shivaji Mahraj was done by the faculty members.

Traditional games like ‘Fugdi’ and dance performances like Powada, Lavni, Gondhal were also performed with great joy, showcasing tradition of Maharashtra. One performance also included the royal entry of Shivaji Maharaj. Later, the campus echoed with the sound of ‘Dhol Tasha’. All the students and faculty members were dressed in traditional attire to celebrate the Shivaji Jayanti with great interest and enthusiasm. We were mesmerized by the program.

Everybody enjoyed the cultural function and highly appreciated the organizers. The function revealed many aspects of our culture before the audience.