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Webinar on “Architect Samira Rathod’s Works”

Academic Year2020-21
Date17th July, 2020
TopicArchitect Samira Rathod's works
SubjectArchitectural Design
Subject Co-ordinatorTejashree Lakras
Faculty TeamDr. Sudnya and Prof. Madhurima

The Archilogics webinar series initiative by PiCA Panvel conducted its next session on 17th July, 2020 in the form of webinar by renowned Architect Samira Rathod featuring her Community centred design approach and site oriented design features. The three projects which the architect showed to students focussed on three different design methodologies namely User/ community centred design, site oriented architecture and function based approach. This helped students get exposed to different types of contextual narratives in architectural design and the creative vision involved in pre design and design and post design processes. The Architect made sure that every project is explained and described right from its initial stage, its evolution, details of challenges and failures that are faced w.r.t. construction and occupancy of buildings and the user’s perceptions about the project in its design and post design stage. The emphasis was given on how different analytical processes adopted in pre design stage prove helpful and effective in coming up with justified design methodology. The webinar ended with the interesting question and answer session which became quite interactive and kind of healthy dialogue between students and the Architect.