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Webinar on “Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad”

Date 20th November, 2021
Time11.00 a.m. - 12.00 noon
VenueZoom Webinar
Attended by Students5th Year
Number of attendees (students)45
Seminar CoordinatorProf. Sarojini Lohot
Faculty TeamProf. Kavita Pradhan
SpeakersMs. Chitra Shinde from Azent Overseas Education

“Popular Destinations for Studying Abroad”
The aim was to create awareness among students about the process of application and issues while pursuing Masters’ degree overseas.

Seminar content:

  • Why Overseas Education
  • Overview of Scholarships
  • Study Abroad Information; Country Wise
  • Destination Matrix; Course details and Fee structure
  • Selection of Courses and University
  • Application process

Introduction of the seminar

The advantages of overseas education were explained.

Information of different countries, scope and process

Comparative analysis explained of countries, expenses, work-permits etc.

Contact info: Azent Overseas Education – 78298 77774
Branch Office at santacruz, Thane, Hyderabad, Chennai

Webinar Program:
11.00 a.m.: Sessions on above-mentioned Seminar Content topics
By Miss Chitra Shinde
11.30 a.m.: Q & A

Webinar Minutes:
Mr. Puneet Thakur Started the session with the question – ‘Why Overseas Education?’. He explained various global career opportunities. He talked about quality of education abroad and pointed out that there are not as many universities of quality postgraduate education in India. There is the competitive edge and university abroad helps to acquire new skills.

He also talked about ‘Student Life Abroad’ and gave an ‘Overview of Scholarships’. He mentioned that based on merit, scholarships are given by universities abroad to the foreign students.

Subsequently ‘Study Abroad Information was given by Ms. Chitra Shinde selected countries.

Students were told about Campus entry, competitive exams to appear namely GRE, TOEFL, IELTS etc and which country needs which of these exams qualification.

Requirements of admissions of different universities of different countries like USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore, New Zealand etc. was explained. Ms. Chitra Shinde.

Students were also told about work opportunities & part time jobs for students was explained in detail.

‘Destination Matrix’ having course details and fee structure of different countries. Cost of education, fees, living expenses was described.

When the masters course is finished, various countries give practical training opportunities. The duration of this varies as per countries. Also after the training process completes, how to get the permanent work permit was explained thro’ a matrix.

She explained about End to End support will be provided by them.

Students asked questions regarding scholarships that were explained by Ms. Chitra Shinde online.