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Webinar on “Re-imagining Workspaces”

Academic Year2020-21
Event Date and Time3rd - 10th July, 2020 at 9.00 - 11.00 a.m.
VenueGoogle Meet
Webinar CoordinatorProf. Kavita Pradhan
Faculty TeamProf. Yusuf Pardawala, Prof. R. Venkatesh, Prof. Sarvesh Nandgirikar
Speakers InvitedArchitect Ashish Sengupta
Attended by Students5th Year
Number of students present72

“Re-inventing Workspaces” : Semester 9 Architecture Design project Ashish has worked on many office buildings when he was working with edifice. As a professor at PiCA. He has guided a studio project that focused on Office in 2018. To help 5th year students understand nuances of office planning, Ashish Sengupta presented his discourse.

Webinar Minutes:
Prof. Kavita Pradhan introduced Ashish Sengupta to the 5th year students. He then presented his discourse initially focusing on Office Planning Principles. He highlighted on development and locations of service core, what consists in the core, how is circulation worked out along with placement of workstations, meeting rooms and cabins. He elaborated on how is structural system worked out in office building that is also corresponding to usable space available between the columns. He stressed on importance of amenities and supporting services.

The talk was followed by the discussion about Covid scenario and how this will or will not influence future office planning.

Webinar Recording Link