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Workshop on “Fire Fighting – Norms and Dealing with Fire”

SubjectBuilding Services - 5
Date16th January, 2020
FacultyWorkshop Coordinator: Reshma Sathe
Workshop Conductor: Er. Arvind Mandke, CFO, CIDCO

Firefighting – an over view
The workshop commenced with the interactive discussion on what is fire fighting and why is it important in building design. The extent and amount of damage caused by fire is very important in understanding the relevance of the subject in Architectural design.

What are the norms to be followed?
Mandatory norms and ideally referred norms were discussed. I was understood that while DCR and MRTP are mandatory norms, NBC is optional. Various sections relevant to fire fighting in both were discussed.

NBC 2016:
Includes all the building typologies. Addition of Structural design, glazing etc in NBC 2016 makes it more comprehensive than NBC 2005. there are eight building typologies in NBC 2016.

Egress in the event of fire:
Most important aspect of Fire Fighting is easy evacuation and proper design of movement of people from inside to outside is crucial. This is possible if design parameters for fire fighting in NBC 2016 are followed.

Two most important features are:

  1. Height Restrictions: Are depending on the building typology and the locality in which the project is being proposed.
  2. Fire Staircases: The distance between the staircases often is misunderstood to be physical distance between two staircases. However it is the maximum distance needed to travel for any person from any corner or area of the building to physically reach the Fire Escape stairs.

The event was attended by 70 students of third year Architecture.

It was well received by the students.

Take Aways:

  1. Fire fighting norms applicable in our jurisdiction.
  2. Integration of norms in building design.