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World Environment Day

Event Highlights:

  1. Thought provoking lecture
  2. Engaging Question and answer Session
  3. Commitment by students to spread the awareness
  4. Distribution of pre-ordered home kits
  5. Commitment to take the awareness campaign further

The Idea of Waste:
Ms. Mhapsekar, explained the concept of waste. Waste collection is a cycle of Rag pickers, collectors, recyclers and merchants. The rag pickers have to segregate the waste dumped at sites, the conditions being very unhealthy.

The focus of the talk was on segregating the waste at source so as to minimize the complications involved in separating the household waste.

Ms. Mhapsekar has been involved in organizing these awareness lectures, wherein she urges the common householder to treat the organic waste at the source point. SMS (Stree Mukti Sanghatana) has, with the help of BARC, developed a simple waste basket, which transforms the organic waste to manure.

The talk also shared her experiences in working with the rag pickers and their education and awareness about self-health. She shared key insights, which can change the plight of the rag pickers.

Ms. Mahpsekar was welcomed with a potted plant and goody bag by PiCA Principal Dr. Sudnya Mahimkar. Having devoted her lifetime to this issue, her work has created a platform where these issues are discussed. The issue of waste has troubled Municipal corporations over generations and across the globe. Organizations like Stree Mukti Sangathana, help bridge the gap between the under privileged and the mass.

Ms. Mhapsekar also touched on the aspects of Gender Equality in the society and her organization’s efforts to bring about awareness and induce dialogues on much neglected issues, like Women’s health, equal rights.

The talk ended with a Question and Answer session, where in Jyoti madam emphasized the importance of commitment towards the issue of Waste management. Dr. Daphne Pillai and Ar. Smita Dalvi; inquired about the challenges in dealing with the landfil sites.

The event was coordinated by Ar. Prof. Smita Dalvi, with the help of Anubhuti, the social service wing of PiCA and SIBC. The event was attended by about 600 students and faculty of PiCA, Biotechnology and PCACS.