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Bird Feeder Design Competition

Session : 2020- 21
Date : 24th February, 2021
Year :II, III
Semester : IV, VI
Faculty :Anubhuti Incharge: Reshma Sathe
Anubhuti Coordinators: Sanket Vinbhandik, V S V S Vindhyavalli Devi

Holistic approach to social service:
Many institutions work towards improvement of the relatively unprivileged sections of the society. But does anyone think of the birds, any creatures who are also present around us throughout our day flying around in the sky?

The houses that they create are sometimes destroyed due to construction or any other selfish reason of our own purposes and when they come to our houses or flats to recite on the sheds or balconies we don’t allow them to. Hence they are also being extinct.

To create a house for them is necessary and utmost important at this time.

How is the day celebrated?
There was a week-long design competition arranged for students of all years from the college and there was a google form circulated for the participants to fill in their details.

The basic details given for the program were-

They were sent a competition code which they had to mention on the right side of the sheet.

The sheet size (hardcopy / softcopy) should be A3.

The use of plan, section or elevations was not compulsory; the mode of drawing was only to be understood.

The material specification was compulsory. {if reused or recycled} And the program time and duration was from 24th February – 2nd March, 2021.

All the participants received a participation certificate and the winners received gifts.

The highlights of the events are:

  1. Competition form filling
  2. Designing- A week lang program.
  3. Screening of the winners and the distribution of participation certificates and prizes.

Sharing and Caring:
The idea of creating a bird feeder for creatures and helping them with basic things that they deserve in life like food and shelter.

Taking care of creatures and other living organisms within our limit is as important as taking care of oneself and our family members. We should treat them as part of our family as we all live in one ecosystem or environment and if also goes missing the whole cycle will get disturbed.

The event was attended by 24 students (with 3 groups of 2) of first, second and third year.

All the participants received a participation certificate and Gift money. First prize was Rs. 500/- and 2 second prizes were Rs 250/- each. Each of the three runner ups received Rs. 100/- Gist Voucher.

There are 3 winners and 3 runner ups.
And the winners were-

1st- Isha Purohit & Sakshi Thakur; 2nd Year – Centaur

2nd- Ishwar Bhat
5th Year – Titan

3rd- Utsav Chowdhary
5th Year – Pegasus

Runner Up 1- Amulya Jaiswal
3rd Year – Centaur

Runner Up 2- Ganesh Patil
1st Year – Pegasus

Runner Up 3- Nilesh Shinde
1st Year – Viserion