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Constitutional Awareness

YearI, III
Date30th January, 2020
SemesterII, VI
FacultyAnubhuti Incharge: Reshma Sathe
Anubhuti Coordinators: Anugraha Nair, Abhishek Tandel
SpeakerAnu Salelkar, Anubhuti Trust, Kalyan

Constitutional Awareness – Article 73 and 74:
Knowing our constitution is one of the fundamental duties of the citizen Indi.

As a member of the Sovereign republic, every citizen of India avails constitutional rights which are to be exercised every day.

Importance of knowing the rights and duties?
The session started with knowing what the students understand about the constitution. The students expressed their ideas about the concerns and issues faced by the society at large today. The lecture evlved around the basic tenets of the constitution and why its is necessary to have Laws and regulations.

Anu explained that, union government is mainly composed of the executive, the legislature and the judiciary.

Activities conducted this year were both for fun as well as entertainment and skill building.

  1. Understanding of what is Indian constitution.
  2. Whom to approach for our issues. Responsibilities of the youth.
  3. Amendment 73 and 74 of Indian Constitution.

Constitution and Architects:

  1. Understanding the laws related to the Land development and planning.
  2. How planning affects the common Man’s requirements.

The event was attended by 20 students of third year Architecture.

It was an eye opener for most of the students.

Take Aways

  1. Rights and duties of Architects.