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Internship Seminar

Date 1st September, 2021
Time2.00 - 4.30 p.m.
VenueGoogle Meet. Meet link:
Attended by Students4th Year
Number of students present66
Faculty Present03
Webinar CoordinatorProf. Kavita Pradhan
Faculty TeamProf. Kavita Pradhan
Speakers InvitedArchitect Archis Kulkarni, Principal Architect at Arin Design, Nashik

“Preparing for placement”
A discourse on how to select architecture firms for internship, applying to architecture firms, writing cover letters, preparing résumé and making portfolio to get the desired job.

This yearthe job market seems to be opening up since the last whole year of Covid pandemic. Thus, 4th year students have a good chance at getting interesting opportunities of internships.

To help PiCA students get good opportunities, it is important for them to have a great application package. This seminar aims to prepare our students in preparing this application package mainly Resume, Cover letter and portfolio.

In our field, there are many different firms that specialize in a particular stream. Interior design, Furniture or product design, Landscape design, Urban design are to name a few. Students need to express their interests and prepare their applications accordingly.

The beginning of Archis Kulkarni’s Talk

What to consider while looking for internship

Question & Answer session

Preparing Resume

Dos and don’s of portfolio

Portfolio graphics

Communication reference

Communication reference

Communication reference: Invite to students









Seminar Program
2.10 pm: Introduction of the Seminar & University rules by Prof. Kavita Pradhan
2.30 pm: Preparing for Internship: Discourse by Ar. Archis Kulkarni
3.30 pm: Question & Answer session
3.45 pm: Preparing for Placement: Screening of recording of Presentation by Ar. Sachin Mulay (Recorded on 18.07.2020) Dos & Don’ts of preparing Resume, Cover Letter & Portfolio

Brief Vitae of Ar. Archis Kulkarni
Principal Arin Design Current – 11.2015
Visiting Faculty for B.Arch. (AD): Institute of Design Environment & Architecture (IDEA), Nashik Current- 06.2014 (4 Years), Partner & Design
Principal AEDAGE Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 12.2015 – 11.2011
Visiting Faculty for M.Arch. (UD) & B.Arch. (AD): Pillais’ College of Architecture, Mumbai 05.2014 – 06.2012 (2 Years)
Senior Architect ATKINS Ltd., UK 11.2011 – 11.2007
Project Architect Sanjay Puri Architects Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai 09.2006 – 01.2005
Full Time Faculty Pillais’ College of Architecture Mumbai 05.2004 – 06.2003 (1 Year)
Architect P. K. Das and Associates, Mumbai 05.2003 – 11.2002
Architect Christopher Benninger Architects Pvt. Ltd. 11.2002 – 01.2002
M.Arch. Urban Design: The Bartlett School of Architecture, University College London, UK, 09.2006 – 10.2007
P.G. Dip. in Advanced Computer Arts C-DAC. MET’S IIT, Mumbai India 05.2004 – 11.2004
B.Arch. University of Mumbai 06.1997 – 05.2002
Awards: First citation for the ‘Charles Correa Gold Medal Award 2002’ for best design thesis in Mumbai University
Contact Info: Phone: 77750 93311 Email: archis.k@gmail.com

Brief Vitae of Ar. Sachin Mulay
Sachin graduated from PiCA in 2001 and since then has worked in India and in the US with several international firms including Atelier Jean Nouvel, Cannon Design and Perkins Eastman. His primary strength is in designing educational campuses. After his master’s studies at Cornell, he had attended a short course about career guidance. For the past three years, he has been conducting an Internship Development program at Perkins Eastman; which involves carefully selecting the interns for the Mumbai studio and mentoring them to brush-up their visual communication, practice related knowledge and interpersonal skills. The program includes interactive activities, outdoor events & presentations. He is here to share with the you all the relevant tips and observations about what goes into putting together a successful application package.
Contact info: sachinmulay79@gmail.com 99300 07937

Seminar Minutes
Kavita Pradhan introduced the program of Internship Seminar. She explained the Mumbai University requirements of Internship.

She also introduced Ar. Archis Kulkarni. He began his presentation with how important the internship is in the career of architecture and how it can lead to various career avenues.

He further explained the students to think about their ‘agenda’ – they should think what they want from the internship.

He further talked about what students should consider – Location, typology of work, scale of the practice, preferred sector if any & student’s own primary career choices.

Archis explained how students should go about the selection criteria of internship. He mentioned that students should look for vacancy, brand value for post-graduate studies, study publications, research done by the firm if any, study their work on website and social media, listen to lectures or presentations if any, consider personal recommendations from a trusted source, past work-ex with association with a college if any.

He advised students about how to apply, how to follow up and what to include in resume, portfolio etc.

The session followed by a Q & A. Archis cleared students’ doubts successfully.

The session followed by screening of the Recording Sachin Mulay’s Talk in 2020. The minutes of screening are as follows:

Kavita Pradhan introduced Architect Sachin Mulay. He began his presentation with Resume preparation. Sachin elaborated on what to include and what not to include in resume. He mentioned the hobbies that are directly related to profession like photography, travelling. He highlighted that if one is significant achiever, like a classical dancer, or musician who has done recordings, then must mention in the resume. He stressed on test prints and carrying 2 copies for interview.

He then talked about presentation format of Portfolio. He gave various examples of presentation styles and how emphasis needs to be placed on certain graphics to highlight the same. How certain sections can extend on both pages. Spiral binding is preferred for portfolio.

In the end Sachin talked about Dos & don’ts of cover letter. How it is important to keep cover letter short yet it needs to connect with the employer. How the students can give references of their own Thesis and the firm that they want to intern with how it can add significant value to the student’s professional development.

Prof. Jinu Kurien joined in as we were discussing about opportunities for internship during Covid period. He elaborated how its is possible to do completely online internship with more polished software skills for the students. The webinar ended on positive note with students looking at having opportunities in the current times.