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Doodle with Gandhi

Event Highlights:

  1. Exploring the ideas that define Gandhi
  2. Fun filled atmosphere with creativity and thought provoking concepts
  3. Students flock the area to look at each others idea of expressing

Doodle Event:
This is an yearly event celebrated every year on 2nd October, 2019. This year too the day was a huge success.

The aim of the session was to let students express their idea of Gandhi. The ideas Gandhi promoted, self reliance, cleanliness and Ahimsa; have been talked about very often.

However the most important aspects of Gandhian philosophy are missing from our daily lives and thought processes in general. This doodle event is an effort to bring in to focus those ideas and concepts and understand their relevance in today’s time.

The event was attended by about 200 students of First year, third year and fourth year. Students from other branches also visited the venue to enjoy the moments.

Venue was PICA Stilts.