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Nirmal 2021 – An Inter College Architecture Design Competition

World Toilet Day 2021
Date19th November, 2021
Guest LecturerArch. Pratima Joshi
Target AudienceYear - II, III, IV, V,
Faculties & outhouse students

On account of World Toilet Day 2021, Senate, PiCA Student Council and Soroptimist Welfare Association (SIBC) organised the Guest lecture titled “A Comprehensive Approach to Community & Public Sanitation by Arch. Pratima Joshi”

Who is Ar. Pratima Joshi?
Arch. Pratima Joshi is an Ashoka fellow, recipient of Aga Khan scholarship and an expert in ‘Building Design for Developing Countries’, through her Masters-in-Architecture from London based Bartlett School of Architecture and Planning, and the only Indian to receive ‘Google Earth Hero Award’. She has impacted over 3,70,000 people of Maharashtra through community and individual household toilet facilitation and slum housing using a data driven, community centric and multi-stakeholder governance model.

The online guest lecture was conducted on 19th November, 2021 on zoom meeting platform at 4:00 p.m. Students & Faculties from Pillai College of Architecture and other colleges attended the guest lecture. The lecture was an effort for students to acknowledge the importance of sanitation and how architecture plays an important role in providing an integrated space for the same. Students were introduced to the competition of Nirmal 2021 ‘A sustainable sanitation for informal settlements’. Ar. Pratima Joshi shared her experience and influence of working for the society, providing a better space to maintain health and hygiene along with security. From one home, one toilet notion to public toilets the team has made remarkable efforts to bring the society one step closer to a better and healthy lifestyle.